I started writing out a story on Wattpad during my lunch break. It’s fun, and mostly pantsed so I hope you enjoy!

When Literary Agent Thomas Finch receives an odd manuscript allegedly the memoir of a ghost, he is unimpressed but finds himself compelled to read it. This less-than-groundbreaking manuscript challenges his skepticism when it predicts a series of murders. Now every page he turns spurns him onward and he finds that his own fate, and possibly the fate of everyone ever, hangs in the balance.

Read it here!

PS The working title might just be the best thing ever.





What’s your plan when this whole computer thing doesn’t work out?

~My dad, the farmer,

to my husband, the computer engineer

I’ve been very impressed with the amount of agents, publishers, and authors on social media. That is, I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic writing/publishing subculture on social media. Twitter is especially magical in this regard, full of happy agents bragging about their book, frustrated agents working through their slush piles, and all of them who would like everyone, everywhere, to read their submission guidelines before querying. Continue reading