What’s your plan when this whole computer thing doesn’t work out?

~My dad, the farmer,

to my husband, the computer engineer

I’ve been very impressed with the amount of agents, publishers, and authors on social media. That is, I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic writing/publishing subculture on social media. Twitter is especially magical in this regard, full of happy agents bragging about their book, frustrated agents working through their slush piles, and all of them who would like everyone, everywhere, to read their submission guidelines before querying. Continue reading

I Don’t Hate It!

I’m not one to show emotion in public. Apart from the occasional bouts of hearty laughter, I’m about as expressive as a Vulcan with resting bitch face. No joke, at my wedding rehearsal my family all had the note that we needed to look like my husband and I liked each other. When I say “I don’t hate it” I’m about maxed out in the enthusiasm department.

With that in mind, I kind of hate my opening chapter. I don’t fully hate it, but in the ever unhelpful words of my boss, “It just doesn’t pop.” Continue reading